My name is KB, and I hunt treasure.

a selection of Mother Lode nugget gold

a selection of California Mother Lode gold

What does it mean to hunt treasure in the 21st century?  Well, if you’re thinking dashing pirate tales and lost artifacts, you’re right!  If you’re dreaming of mines and missing bonanzas, yes, that’s part of it too!  And if your mind envisaged less concrete wealth – freedom or truer awareness of the world around you, treasure hunting gives a dose of that as well.

What is Treasure?

There are many, many kinds of treasure, from age-old royal hoards of precious metals to cultural gems like dying languages and skills.  And then there are those items that are treasure to one and junk to another.  Items once treasured that are now common, and vice versa.  Here at She Hunts Treasure, join me on my journey through this mysterious world of lucre on a quest into the nature of things that we as humans value.  Together we’ll investigate some surprising answers to the question

What is treasure?

Treasure Belles

I’ll also share insight into the daily life and mindset of a modern female treasure hunter.  How I got here, and why I think treasure hunting is the best profession ever.  At the moment, female treasure hunters are quite the rarity, but this field of work is catching on fast!  Even though the heavy mechanical work of mining and treasure hunting have traditionally been man’s work, today’s technology is allowing women to add their unique insight to the field of treasure hunting in some very interesting ways.  I envision a day where lady treasure hunters outnumber the gents!

Regardless of who you are or what you treasure, this is the time to learn how to hone your mind to finding riches.  As a bonus, you’ll learn a bit about the truest wealth – freedom to live a life of adventure.  Join me today for the journey!

Ready to choose your own adventure and get started in the exciting world of treasure hunting?

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A Community Quest

Part of my mission at She Hunts Treasure is to build a community for modern treasure hunters where members can talk treasure and share their quests for discovery with other like-minded people.  I’ll be teaching classes on advanced treasure hunting techniques and interviewing people who’ve succeeded at making treasure hunting their profession.  You can learn firsthand what it takes to start living life the treasure hunter way!

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See you on the trail!